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CLOUD EMAIL SOLUTIONS THAT WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS - Think of eDoxs as a monthly, quarterly, or yearly Internet service utility. Most companies do not make huge capital investments to produce their own electricity. Instead, they outsource this function to a utility company. We offer the same benefits to help meet your IT email requirements.


Let us help you save money:
By outsourcing your email services, there is no need to purchase additional hardware or servers that require maintenance.  Your IT personnel are freed up to perform other tasks that are suitable to their core competencies and maximize their value to the enterprise.



eDoxs implements a process driven support model that provides proactive and reactive technology management, managed by a knowledgeable support team. eDoxs support is easily accessible and provide fast response,  Our customers send us emails of accolades and thanks almost every day.  When it comes down to a corporate need as important as email, elimination of any downtime is very important. 



eDoxs has been performing email services hosted in the cloud for over 10 years to many satisfied customers. Our anti-spam / anti-virus protection is unsurpassed. If you are not satisfied within 30 days eDoxs will refund your setup fees.